tt (formerly treasure teeth) is james mcKillop and barbara elting, a duo from miami and london respectively. 

tt started in 2010, london. they have since lived in nyc, miami, and back to nyc again this year. years of eclectic and off-kilter electronic pop music creations based on a deep care for genre bending and production have resulted in a direction more focused on composition development and openness. 

their work reveals an influence of sources such as the globalization of music, sci-fi, their training in classical theory and simultaneous love of garish pop, their times spent in various ensembles, and their deep respect for melodic intervention. currently, they are utilizing their experiences with live improvisation and experimentation with different compositional techniques to achieve their pieces.

tt has performed at various festivals, art institutions, including the tnternational noise conference, look alive fest, ica london, mk gallery, miami music club, etc. 

soundcloud: tt

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